What is accidental marketing you may ask? Well in my experience, Accidental Marketing is the result of reviewing my overall website reports, analytics and statistics to identify pages that offer greater potential than originally planned.

Website Visitor Reports

If you are not currently reviewing your website traffic reports…GET ON THAT! If you are unsure how to do that or just don’t know anything about it, you can see a good overview HERE.

The importance of reporting in any aspect is critical to achieving business success. But in order to achieve goals…you have to know what those goals are and where you are currently. If you don’t know where Point A is…how are you going to get to Point B?

Once you find out where you are on the map, then you set your sights on the destination.  This is the same for website reporting. You have to know the following:

1) How much overall traffic is my website getting? The answer here tells you if your internet marketing strategy is working and if your site is even getting any visitors. If there is no traffic, then you have some work to do!

2) Where are my visitors coming from? This is an important factor! If you are a locally owned and operated business, then you are more interested in website traffic from your city and state. On the flip side, however if you provide products or service world wide, then it is good to know who is searching and finding your product.

Page Views – An Open Window Into Website Behaviors

The most common mistake that I see people make with Search Engine Optimization efforts is that they optimize the HOME or INDEX page! You have more than one page on your website right? So why not optimize EVERY single page on your website for something different? There are a couple of snags with that blanket statement, especially if you use PHP or ASP, you may not have that ability unless you or your webmaster makes some changes in the code so as you can optimize each page differently.

Optimizing each page, flows into the subject here of Page Views. When you review your Page View statistics in your reporting, you need to do the following:

  • Identify all of the pages that have been reviewed (What you will see here is that it is not Always your Home Page that receives all of the traffic)
  • Identify the content on those pages (Do you have enough content to ensure visitors are interested in your product or service?) The main Idea here is to keep folks on the site as long as possible
  • Ensure that those pages link to other informative pages on your site. This keeps visitors on your site longer as well.
  • Take advantage of a page that is getting more traffic by accident and lead your visitors to specials, new products, new information, etc…

In a nutshell, you need to review the accidental pages that are being viewed on your site to ensure that you are catering to the type of visitors are accessing your site on pages OTHER than your home page.


I do quite a bit of research and online marketing consultation for my customers. In addition to keyword and keyphrase research for a specific customer, I get into the “Zone” of their business. I put myself into the shoes of each customer and optimize their business website as if it were my own. In turn, during my research I look at several aspects of their business both online and offline. One of the main points that I stress to my customers is to ensure that they gather Customer Testimonials.

The Human Element

Word of mouth is still the key element in any marketing campaign. Word of mouth is the heart and soul…flesh and blood of your business and the referral of your business to others. You can spend as much money as you want to on Search Engine Optimization, Google Pay Per Click, Yahoo or MSN/LIve and not get the satisfaction of a word of mouth referral. The word of mouth is the ultimate in business gratification because people will do the following:

  • Advertise and Market your products or service for you via conversation if you treat them right
  • Bring Folks In to your brick in mortar store to speak with you about your products or services
  • Pass out your phone number and website address
  • Stay in touch with you for future products or services
  • The list can go on and on…

The main idea here is that you cannot forget about the “Human Element“. If you are not careful, you can spend all of your time worrying to much about Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Ranking, Pay Per Click Advertisement, Online Leads and Recipricol linking partners and in turn get lost in the Internet Rat Race.

Let The Voices Of Your Customer’s Be Heard!

Every business that has a website outlining their products or services should have a Testimonials Page. If you have looked at other websites lateley, such as the major electronics retailers, you will see customer reviews. I know that I lean heavily on customer reviews for a couple of different reasons:

  • I want to know if the product is any good!
  • I want to know if the product is popular!
  • I want to know if the customer service was any good if the event of a product failure
  • I want to know if the business is showing both good and bad product reviews. I have to give merit to businesses that do not filter negative comments because they are concerned with overall satisfaction and opinion.

If customer reviews are that important to the major businesses, shouldn’t they be important to your business?

Harvesting Customer Testimonials

The next time you have the opportunity to provide a service or sell a product, take a minute to have the customer to fill out a “Testimonial Form“. This form can be a sheet of paper or it can be an online form located on your website. If you have an office where customer’s come to, it is best to have “Comment Cards“. On the comment card ensure that you have their permission to add their testimonial to your website. Sometimes it is better to get a written testimonial rather than telling the customer where to fill out their testimonial online. It is best to strike while the iron is hot so to speak…if they leave your business without a testimonial the chances are low that they will fill out the form on your website.

An online testimonial should be short and sweet…such as:

  • The Service or Product Purchased
  • The Customer Testimonial
  • The Customer’s First Name, City and State

Now Go Out There And Get Some Customer Testimonials!

Everyone knows or, should I say everyone assumes that everyone who has a website knows that getting links pointing back to your website is one of the best ways to get a better Google PageRank. But, sometimes website owners struggle to find good websites to link with. This post deals with a good way to get new ideas for link partners.

Learn Your Competition

Let’s say you are in business to sell something that is fairly competitive like “garage doors“. Ok, I am drawing from personal experience here, because I need new garage doors and garage door openers…so I am drawing from recent searches.

I did a search on Google for “garage doors atlanta” and did I get some good info! I received 10 local search results for “garage doors atlanta“.

Now, let’s say I sold garage doors and wanted some good linking partners, I would look through each competitor’s website and check out the “Links” page. By looking at the links page, you can see who they link to and in turn create a potential link partner list of your own.

Google Links

A good way to see who your competitors link with is to see what Google has to say about them. This is very easy to do:

  • Go to Google
  • In the search box type in: link:www.competitorswebsite.com
  • The results in the top right hand corner of Google will tell you “about” how many websites are linking to your competitor
  • The results will also show which websites and where they link back to your competitor on their website
  • Depending on how serious you are for links, you can contact your competitors linking partners and ask for a link back to your site.

You are now ready to get some links! This may seem like a “guerrilla linking” strategy, but it is actually a great way to network with other partners!

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