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What is accidental marketing you may ask? Well in my experience, Accidental Marketing is the result of reviewing my overall website reports, analytics and statistics to identify pages that offer greater potential than originally planned.

Website Visitor Reports

If you are not currently reviewing your website traffic reports…GET ON THAT! If you are unsure how to do that or just don’t know anything about it, you can see a good overview HERE.

The importance of reporting in any aspect is critical to achieving business success. But in order to achieve goals…you have to know what those goals are and where you are currently. If you don’t know where Point A is…how are you going to get to Point B?

Once you find out where you are on the map, then you set your sights on the destination.  This is the same for website reporting. You have to know the following:

1) How much overall traffic is my website getting? The answer here tells you if your internet marketing strategy is working and if your site is even getting any visitors. If there is no traffic, then you have some work to do!

2) Where are my visitors coming from? This is an important factor! If you are a locally owned and operated business, then you are more interested in website traffic from your city and state. On the flip side, however if you provide products or service world wide, then it is good to know who is searching and finding your product.

Page Views – An Open Window Into Website Behaviors

The most common mistake that I see people make with Search Engine Optimization efforts is that they optimize the HOME or INDEX page! You have more than one page on your website right? So why not optimize EVERY single page on your website for something different? There are a couple of snags with that blanket statement, especially if you use PHP or ASP, you may not have that ability unless you or your webmaster makes some changes in the code so as you can optimize each page differently.

Optimizing each page, flows into the subject here of Page Views. When you review your Page View statistics in your reporting, you need to do the following:

  • Identify all of the pages that have been reviewed (What you will see here is that it is not Always your Home Page that receives all of the traffic)
  • Identify the content on those pages (Do you have enough content to ensure visitors are interested in your product or service?) The main Idea here is to keep folks on the site as long as possible
  • Ensure that those pages link to other informative pages on your site. This keeps visitors on your site longer as well.
  • Take advantage of a page that is getting more traffic by accident and lead your visitors to specials, new products, new information, etc…

In a nutshell, you need to review the accidental pages that are being viewed on your site to ensure that you are catering to the type of visitors are accessing your site on pages OTHER than your home page.


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